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​Why choose us

Do you want to improve student recruitment outcomes? Are you dissatisfied with how your student recruitment enterprise currently operates, but do not know who to call or where to begin?

Optimal Student Recruitment can help you optimise your entire student recruitment system by identifying areas for improvement and develop a recruitment strategy plan to help you achieve your targets.

1. Get the student recruitment results you need

We help you to consistently and sustainably achieve your student recruitment targets and increase net tuition fees revenue.Your institution has revenue targets and objectives you need to meet in a timely manner. However, few institutions can effectively translate recruitment strategy into actual results. We are experts in converting your student recruitment goals into real results.

2. Get the results quickly

Your time is valuable, and time is money. Save time!You and your staff are too busy running the day-to-day operations and will not have sufficient time to design comprehensive solutions to your student recruitment problems. Actually, you do not need to! We already know what works. We have developed our recruitment solutions and services using in-depth industry knowledge and international best-practice expertise. Our proven solutions could be delivering results for you in just a few months.

3. Get the results at a lower cost

Save energy and money – use us, your student recruitment specialist.The skill-set and expertise that are required to design a world-class student recruitment machine are different from the skill-set and expertise required to build that machine. Likewise, the skill-set and expertise required to operate the student recruitment machinery is also different to those required for design and building purposes. Why would you waste all the money and energy in acquiring all the required expertise when you can get the complete solutions from Optimal Student Recruitment at a fraction of the cost?

4. Enhance your reputation and gain loyal lifelong advocates for your institution

Turn your students, agents, partners and other stakeholders into raving fans who will insist their family and friends become raving fans too.The Optimal Student Recruitment Solutions are designed to build for you, a student recruitment enterprise that will consistently deliver the WOW factor to your students and stakeholders. The solutions and services will result in the creation of advocates who will boost your business in the most cost-effective way possible; your existing students and other stakeholders will not be able to resist their internal urge to refer those in their circle of influence to you and to sing your praises at every opportunity.

5. Gain a competitive advantage in the market-place

Gain a competitive advantage by building a strategic capability that your competitors will be unable to imitate or replicate.Education delivery is highly standardised and regulated, which makes it extremely difficult for educational institutions to differentiate themselves from others offering similar courses. Why should students enrol at your institution? What do you offer that is better than your competitor’s? Your recruitment system can be a point of differentiation, if designed and implemented properly.The Optimal Student Recruitment solutions and services, if implemented correctly, will create a strong and efficient student recruitment system, outperforming your competitors in the long term.

6. Have happier, healthier and more productive staff

Reduce the high costs associated with a disengaged, disempowered or unproductive workforce.The solutions that Optimal Student Recruitment recommend to clients are designed to facilitate the creation of an environment where executive leaders, managers and junior staff members can focus their time and energy on meaningful, effective and efficient tasks, be more confident and autonomous in their roles whilst ensuring consistency of decision making, thus resulting in enhanced performance, increased productivity, better health and all the other benefits of having an environment that facilitates the creation of a happy workplace.

7. Gain peace of mind

When your mind is at a state of rest, you can focus your attention on the things that add value to the most important areas of your life. Guard and protect your peace at all cost!When the financial health of an organisation is at risk, it can be an extremely stressful and time-consuming challenge for Executive Leaders and Senior Managers in a higher education institution. If you are in this situation, with our comprehensive solutions and highly specialised expertise, invite us come in and solve your problems so that you can have peace of mind, and free you up to focus on other aspects of your accountabilities.

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