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Looking for ways to gain a competitive edge over other education providers?

Optimal Student Recruitment offers robust student recruitment strategies to help you meet your objectives, sustainably maximise net student tuition revenue and attract quality students.

Why choose Optimal Student Recruitment?

Our competence

Our Founder, Richard Geddes has worked in a variety of senior management positions managing domestic and international student recruitment for Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and the University of Adelaide.

Drawing on his applied knowledge, skills and extensive study on what makes some organisations more successful than others, Richard has designed holistic student recruitment solutions that use international best practice strategies to exponentially improve outcomes for educational institutions.


We offer universities, vocational education providers and higher education instiutions comprehensive specialised services to target all areas of student recruitment.

Every aspect of our services is geared to help universities and colleges maximise net student tuition revenue, in a sustainable manner.

You can pick and choose different aspets of each of the available types of services, based on your needs.

Our staff and professional development courses

We offer a range of staff and professional development courses to enhance the performance of your student recruitment function.

Whether you are looking for custom training or more flexible online course delivery, Optimal Student Recruitment has a training program to suit your needs.

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